HepCBC at the Coast Mental Health Clubhouse

On October 12, 2018, HepCBC sent two volunteers to man a hepatitis B and hepatitis C info booth at the Coast Mental Health Clubhouse (11th Avenue and Sophia Street in Vancouver). Leon Anderson and Cheryl Reitz met with many friendly clients and staff members at the Clubhouse for about 90 minutes. Our table, next to the entrance to the lunchroom, allowed us to have great conversations with people (lining up there for the mid-day meal) about the latest deve

Shedding Light on a Dark Day

Recently HepCBC applied for two federal government grants from PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada), one for HepCBC alone (basically for doing what we do now, but better) and one for a point-of-care hep C testing pilot project with two other organizations – one in Quebec and another in Nova Scotia. We’ve never gotten government funding before, but somehow PHAC convinced a number of hepatitis C patient groups that this time would be different, that our HCV...

Dark Day in Canada for Hepatitis C Patient Advocates

HepCBC Hepatitis C Education-Prevention as well as Pacific Hep C Network in BC and CAPAHC in Quebec were all turned down yesterday for all Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funding - not sure yet about HepNS. These are the largest, most active organizations in Canada who actually deal directly with REAL PEOPLE who are MONO-infected with hepatitis C. Yes, the emperor is naked, Daryl Luster (see letter below), you're so right. We've never gotten go