Persistent neuropsychiatric impairment in HCV patients despite clearance of the virus?!

This study from the Journal of Viral Hepatitis is very timely. We are hearing more and more from people who have been cured but are still suffering from brain fog One of the most disabling symptoms of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is chronic fatigue. While this is accepted for HCV polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-positive patients, a relationship between HCV infection and chronic fatigue is questioned after successful virus eradication. As fatigue is a

Cognitive function associated with increased microglia activation in patients with HCV

Preserved cognitive function was associated with increased microglia activation with predominance in the basal ganglia in patients with HCV, according to recent findings published in Journal of Viral Hepatitis. “This study evaluates microglia activation in HCV-infected patients with only mild liver disease in context of absence or presence of chronic fatigue, mood disturbances, history of interferon therapy and cognitive dysfunction, using the binding of