Prison Deaths and Hepatitis C: A Health Crisis Behind Bars

This week's longform feature "Hep C: The Deadliest Killer in Colorado's Prisons Is a Curable Virus" looks at the public-health challenges of fighting hepatitis C, a virus that attacks the liver and has infected 17 percent of the American prison population. In Colorado, more than 2,200 state prisoners have the virus; statistically, about one in four will develop cirrhosis or liver cancer if untreated. A new generation of wonder drugs can actually cure the

Colorado board recommends expanded coverage for hepatitis C drug

ACLU threatens lawsuit over coverage policy A state board recommended Tuesday night that more needy Coloradans receive potentially curative treatments for hepatitis C. But the board stopped short of recommending that the treatments — new drugs that have been shown to have a 90 percent cure rate — be extended to all Coloradans on Medicaid. And that means the American Civil Liberties Union may file a federal lawsuit against the state to force it to provi

U.S.: Ninety percent of Colorado residents with hepatitis C going untreated

Nearly 90 percent of Colorado residents infected with hepatitis C, now the deadliest infectious disease in the United States, are going untreated, a new report estimates. The Colorado study, released Wednesday, suggested two reasons why: • Many are baby boomers who contracted the blood disease decades ago through transfusions and don't know they have it. • Others have not sought treatment because the new drugs that can cure it are extraordinarily ex