Hep C and the false economy of the health care system: Fiorito

There is a remarkable drug which treats Hepatitis C. It’s expensive, and it works, but you can’t get it until you get really sick. By Joe Fiorito Columnist People get sick. We have health care. Those in need get treatment. What’s the problem? Money, faulty accounting and, in some cases, morality. I know two women, Sheryl and Celeste. They both have Hep C, a progressive disease of the liver. The manner in which they got it doesn’t matter, although it

What Do You Say?

What Do You Say? Friday, September-09-16 One of the most difficult things an HCV advocate has to face is what to say to people who desperately want to be treated but have been denied treatment, either because the severity of their liver disease is not deemed great enough, or they just can’t afford it. How do you tell someone who is ill and really frightened that doctors continue to use outmoded criteria that limit the “need” for treatment to those...