The Week in Review: July 21 – July 28, 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017 News Recap WHD 2017 Victoria, BC in Pictures The weather was perfect; the organization and volunteers did great!!!!  The speakers were fabulous!! I only wish more people had shown up!!!  Big thanks to VPWAS and AVI for helping to make this important event a reality! Click on photos to see larger image in a new window! Should we be worried about hepatitis E? Hepatitis E virus infection (HEV) is the most common cause of a...

Opinion: Renew strategy to achieve a hepatitis C free future

Friday is World Hepatitis Day and we have much to celebrate. We have made great strides in our work toward eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030, but there are still critical areas where we can and must do more. Thousands of B.C. patients with hepatitis C have already been cured. There are patients who have been diagnosed and meet existing criteria and have cure rates approaching 100 per cent with minimal side effects for most. And starting next year, the B

We Have Not Abandoned the Principles or Communities We Serve, Neither Should PHAC

"We Have Not Abandoned the Principles or Communities We Serve, Neither Should PHAC" was a speech written and given at a World AIDS Day rally in Vancouver by Daryl Luster. Daryl is a hep C advocate who is PHCN’s president, a member of the Executive Steering Committee for Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC), a counselor for the Help-4-Hep helpline, and the administrator of multiple peer support groups. Daryl was cured of hep C in 2010 while participating in a clin...

Dark Day in Canada for Hepatitis C Patient Advocates

HepCBC Hepatitis C Education-Prevention as well as Pacific Hep C Network in BC and CAPAHC in Quebec were all turned down yesterday for all Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funding - not sure yet about HepNS. These are the largest, most active organizations in Canada who actually deal directly with REAL PEOPLE who are MONO-infected with hepatitis C. Yes, the emperor is naked, Daryl Luster (see letter below), you're so right. We've never gotten go

Opinion: Can we eliminate hepatitis?

Daryl Luster Thursday is World Hepatitis Day, an occasion to celebrate the strides in treating and — lo and behold — curing those who suffer from hepatitis C. With advancements in therapies, not only are we curing the disease, global elimination is now possible. On May 28, close to 200 member countries of the World Health Organization, including Canada, made a historic pledge to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. If governments remain committed, we

World Hepatitis Day Vancouver 2015

Photos from World Hepatitis Day, Vancouver 2015, held at Creekside Community Centre, near False Creek (Vancouver, BC, Canada)  Wild Moccasin's enthusiastic Metis dancer does a jig and soon thereafter gets the crowd a-jigging along with her!  Andrew Oldham, general mgr. and producer of Rolling Stones from 1963-1967, speaking of many in entertainment industry with hepatitis C - rolling out the Generation Hep Dot Com "B