Should Generic DAAs Be More Widely Imported?

Even in high-income countries, patients can have problems getting the new but expensive direct acting antivirals that are so effective in treating hepatitis C. A recent article (free but you must register) written by Narcyz Ghinea, BSc, of the Center for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine at the University of Sydney in Australia, and several colleagues, and published in The Lancet, suggests that importing generics could be the answer. In Australia p

Generic hepatitis C drugs purchased online achieve high cure rates

Use of generic versions of direct-acting antivirals resulted in very high cure rates for people who obtained the products through three buyers’ clubs, indicating that the generic products are effective, according to three presentations at the International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection (HIV Glasgow) this week. People who purchased the drugs were cured of hepatitis C at a cost of around $700-$900 in South-East Asia and Eastern Europe, Dr An...

The use of generic medications for hepatitis C

Excellent Article by Dr. James Freeman Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, TB and malaria are the five major causes of infectious disease death worldwide. In a breakthrough that rivals the invention of penicillin, drugs that cure hepatitis C, with minimal side effects and high success rates, have reached the market, but, in what must be one of the greatest tragedies of modern times, these life-saving medications are not being deployed on a mass scale. Pharm

India may soon get Epclusa treatment for Hepatitis C

WASHINGTON: A latest breakthrough treatment for the deadly Hepatitis C virus could soon be available in India as 11 Indian firms have been given licenses by its American manufacturer following an approval from US authorities. The drug called Epclusa which is developed to treat all genotypes of the Hepatitis C virus by Gilead Sciences in its latest breakthrough treatment was last week approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The deadly Hep

Generic Hepatitis C Drugs as Effective as Pricey Brand Names: Study

SATURDAY, April 16, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Low-cost generic antiviral drugs are as effective and safe as more expensive brand-name drugs in treating people with hepatitis C, researchers report. In many countries, people don't have access to a course of brand-name direct-acting antiviral drugs due to the high cost -- as much as $94,000 a patient, the researchers explained. However, mass-produced generic versions are available for less than 1 percent...

Hep C ‘viral time bomb’ can be defused, says doctor who set up real-life Dallas Buyers Club operation

It is financially feasible to defuse the hepatitis C "viral time bomb" affecting 150 million people worldwide, an international conference will hear on Saturday. The disease is one of the five major causes of infectious illness deaths in the world, along with malaria, TB, HIV, and hepatitis B. It kills 500,000 people a year, the World Health Organisation estimates, and prevents millions more from leading productive lives. Yet, only one in 300 of thos...