One-Step Hepatitis C Testing Now in BC!

HepCBC is celebrating One-Step Hep C Testing in BC! Those tested in BC will no longer have to await results of the screening (HCV antibody) test, then take a confirmatory (RNA) test, with several weeks from the first test to the final results. Congratulations, BCCDC and PHSA!! Besides enabling patients quicker access to lifesaving treatment, this will also save BC an estimated $1 million per year!

BC Legislator questions Health Minister about hepatitis C treatment, testing, and education

May 15, 2015 - Victoria, BC: Scott Fraser, Opposition MLA for Alberni/Pacific Rim, asked these questions of Health Minister Terry Lake today during the "Health Estimates" session: Fraser: As far as context goes, I lost a close friend in Tofino a few years ago to hepatitis C, so I want to ask a few questions. I'm not going to have time to ask all of them, so I will read some into the record as concisely as possible when I run out of time, which w...

Speech to CATIE 2013 Focuses on Unmet Needs of HCV+ Population

An HCV+ member of HepCBC was asked to give a 10-minute speech at CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) last week about what sort of policies HCV+ people hoped would come about in the next 5 years. Lots of illustrations/images. Here is the speech: VIDEO: PDF: