Prison Colour Book Contest Winning Entries Become Posters

OUR NEWS: HepCBC's Prison Colouring Book Contest Winning Entries are made into Posters! (Oct 29, 2019) Thanks to the wonderful inmates and friends who submitted their coloured pages from the Prison Colour Books (available for free download at!  Also thanks for the contributions of new black/white original designs! The winners are each getting a gift of $50 for art su

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit

Eliminating Viral Hepatitis in Aboriginal Communities of BC British Columbia's Aboriginal communities (both rural and urban) are at particular risk of viral hepatitis (B and C) for a variety of reasons, including a common practice of shared vaccination needles a few decades back, frequent "top-up" transfusions following childbirth, various Residential school practices, endemic hepatitis B in the far north, distrust of confidentiality in small local health