MAVIRET™ 8 week, pan-genotypic HCV treatment, good for CKD & cirrhosis, covered in Ontario

Finally, Maviret, AbbVie's hepatitis C drug, has made it through Canada's approval process and has been listed for coverage by Ontario's PharmaCare. We hope BC PharmaCare will also list it soon. "MAVIRET™ is the first and only 8-week, pan-genotypic treatment for chronic hepatitis C patients without cirrhosis and who are new to treatment (from: Decisions Resources Group. Hepatitis C virus: disease landscape & forecast 2016 and 2017)... MA...

REQUEST personal input for Patient Group Submission: HOLKIRA PAK

Do you want new hepatitis C treatment, HOLKIRA PAK™ to be covered by BC PharmaCare? BC PharmaCare has issued a call for Patient Input into whether they should cover AbbVie’s new hepatitis C treatment, HOLKIRA PAK™ (ombitasvir, paritaprevir, ritonavir, and dasabuvir [±ribavirin]). HepCBC is going to make a submission to BC PharmaCare, and URGENTLY requests input from those who have, or have ever had hepatitis C (and their caregivers). Our submission is only

SOVALDI: Request personal input into Patient Group Submission

Link to July 3, 2014 WEBINAR about Sovaldi by Dr. Alnoor Ramji, co-hosted by HepCBC and the Pacific Hepatitis C Network If you want BC PharmaCare to cover sofosbuvir (SOVALDI™) treatment (from Gilead Sciences), read carefully: HepCBC needs to send BC PharmaCare a really good patient group submission. We need your help before July 10th. This is incredibly important, and every voice we can include makes our submission better, plus the greater number of voice

New Analysis of Burden of Untreated Hepatitis C in Canada

Canada's top liver physicians released new figures showing dramatically increased costs due to untreated hepatitis C which would place a great burden on our medical system over the next 20 years. Liver-related deaths due to liver cancer, liver failure and other causes due to untreated hepatitis C are projected to increase 160% over the next 20 years, significantly more than projected currently by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Treatments are availabl

Looming Hepatitis C Crisis among Un-tested, Un-treated Baby Boomers – Dr. Morris Sherman warns PHAC

Looming hepatitis C crisis - Morris Sherman, MD, of Cdn Liver Foundation and other specialists warn PHAC in this Globe and Mail article.

Hepatitis C Virus: Is the End in Sight?

This recent article by Douglas Laird in the Univ. of Victoria's student publication the Martlet, is highly recommended: