First Human Case of Rat Strain of Hepatitis E Seen in Hong Kong

HealthDay News — The first human case of a strain of hepatitis E previously found only in rats was diagnosed in a Hong Kong man who received a liver transplant in May 2017. University of Hong Kong researchers said the 56-year-old man was cured of the liver disease in March, The New York Times reported. The case is "a wake-up call," according to Yuen Kwok-yung, M.D., chairman of the infectious diseases section of the microbiology department at the universi

Should we be worried about hepatitis E?

HEV has the potential to become a chronic infection, especially in immunosuppressed patients. This is a risk in South Africa, where there are many HIV-infected patients Hepatitis E gets little press compared to its better-known cousins A, B and C, but Stellenbosch University virologists say we should wake up to how transmission of this virus is changing. World Hepatitis Day is commemorated on 28 July. Hepatitis E virus infection (HEV) is the most c

New, cost effective saliva test that diagnoses liver disease

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) causes liver disease that infects an estimated 20 million people worldwide each year and kills more than 56,000. New York: Scientists have developed an easier, cost effective 'oral fluid' test that uses saliva to diagnose liver disease and may eventually help develop its treatment. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) causes liver disease that infects an estimated 20 million people worldwide each year and kills more than 56,000. "HEV isn'

The Week in Review: July 7 – July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017 News Recap Local New measures boost addiction treatment access in Victoria New efforts to expand treatment for opioid users in Victoria are putting addiction specialists in hospital emergency departments and supporting family doctors who provide opioid substitution therapy for patients. The initiatives by Island Health and the Victoria Divisions of Family Practice are intended to dovetail with the work of the South Island Ra...

Raw pork main cause of Hepatitis E infection in EU: official agency

BRUSSELS, July 11(Xinhua) -- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said on Tuesday that consumption of raw or undercooked pork meat and liver is the most common cause of hepatitis E infection in the European Union (EU). EFSA said in its press release that domestic pigs are the main carriers of hepatitis E in the EU. Though wild boars can also carry the virus, meat from these animals is less commonly consumed. Therefore, experts from EFSA's Panel on