The Week in Review: March 16 – March 23, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018 News Recap: Northern Vancouver Island VIRAL HEPATITIS Outreach Roadshow Trip 2018 SlideShow.  Our team of volunteers has just return from a week of outreach on Vancouver Island’s north end, and we have put together few slideshows to tell you the story. There will be more images in the next few days, but check out what we have so far! A heartfelt thanks to Cheryl, Leon and Rosemary for doing this. Novel score predicts DAA ben...

Herbal assault: liver toxicity of herbal and dietary supplements

The worldwide market for herbal and dietary supplements is booming.  But the health benefits of such products are largely unsubstantiated by scientific data, and they are increasingly associated with harmful side-effects, including liver toxicity. The number of people who use herbal and dietary supplements is not entirely clear, but the popularity of these products is undeniable. Surveys suggest that roughly 20% of Europeans and half of all Americans use