Inappropriate syringe reuse led to hep C transmission in Texas hospital, CDC says

Note from CD: Many years ago several seniors in a hospital in Florida were infected this way because inserting the syringe into the intravenous line cause a back pressure leak that forced solution into the syringe, and this infected solution was then shared. The news item from many years ago has disappeared, but many HCV advocates remember this event.  If you have the source please contact us at HepCBC. A nurse in a Texas hospital mistakenly believed sali

Australia: Hep C horror at Fiona Stanley

A patient at Fiona Stanley Hospital has contracted hepatitis C — a contagious bloodborne virus that can lead to liver failure and cancer — after being infected in one of the hospital’s operating theatres.The Weekend West can reveal external public health and communicable disease experts were brought in to investigate the incident, which occurred early last year when the hospital was under fire for poor sterilisation procedures.The investigation ruled out s