Advancing Liver Disease

Advancing Liver Disease It’s far better for the public health to test broadly for HCV, and to treat it early. Advanced HCV liver disease is costly, painful, and preventable! Left undiagnosed and/or untreated, hepatitis C advances – often silently – until suddenly it is too late. Overview of HCV Disease Progression If acute hepatitis C infection (HCV) becomes a chronic infection it can eventually progress to a more serious disease. Over time it can pro

Point of view: Living no more with Hepatitis C

Charles LyonhartWhen I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C (HCV) in 1974 they didn’t have a name for it. They called it Non A/B Hepatitis. It wasn’t until 1989 that HCV was discovered and believed to come from blood transfusions.I contracted my hepatitis from IV use while using heroin in the 60s and 70s. One can live for many years symptom free until the virus erupts and wreaks havoc on your liver. HCV becomes chronic in approximately 75% to 85% of those

Challenging hepatitis C-infected liver transplant patients

Caring for liver transplant patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a challenging task for transplant surgeons and primary physicians alike. HCV is the leading cause of liver transplantation in the USA and comes with a myriad of complications that increase morbidity and mortality. This review focuses on patient follow-up, spanning from before the liver transplant occurs to the patient's long-term health. Pretransplant, both don

New Analysis of Burden of Untreated Hepatitis C in Canada

Canada's top liver physicians released new figures showing dramatically increased costs due to untreated hepatitis C which would place a great burden on our medical system over the next 20 years. Liver-related deaths due to liver cancer, liver failure and other causes due to untreated hepatitis C are projected to increase 160% over the next 20 years, significantly more than projected currently by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Treatments are availabl

Help transplant patients with a Holiday Hamper from Happy Liver Society!

A really appropriate way to cheer up transplant patients and their families. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Happy Liver Society for taking on this project which, in the spirit of giving, benefits all transplant patients in need, not only liver patients. To donate, or for more information, click here:


Today, “Dale” from Kamloops lies in a coma, awaiting a liver transplant that may never come. Because he doesn't live in Vancouver, the only transplant centre in the province, he and his family face additional obstacles, claims Stephen Farmer, Victoria businessman, liver transplant recipient, and President of HepCBC Hepatitis C Education and Prevention Society. Farmer says Dale’s case is typical and illustrates serious regional inequities in B.C.'s current

HELP, I need a support team in Vancouver before I can qualify for a transplant!

My liver is failing rapidly, and my greatest stressor is waiting for a transplant, not knowing if it will come in time. I feel like a ticking time bomb. However, in order to qualify for a liver transplant in BC, I need to prove I have a dedicated "Social Support" person or team available in Vancouver for several months (before, during, and after the transplant). However I live in the Interior of BC; I cannot afford to bring someone to Vancouver with me, an

HCV+ Baby Boomers with HCC increasing demand for Liver Transplant; may force changes in treatment plans

The December, 2012 issue of the journal Liver Transplantation discusses the rapidly-increasing demand for liver transplant among HCV+ Americans born between 1941 and 1960. 4% of this birth cohort is HCV+, compared to 1% for the US population as a whole. As this HCV+ population ages, the dangers of advanced cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) increase dramatically. 41% of those on the liver transplant list are HCV+, and of these the number who also