The Week in Review: Aug 31 – Sep 7, 2018

Friday, Sep 7, 2018 News Recap: London Drugs Launches Potentially Life-Saving Hepatitis C Screening at Pharmacies in BC Lower Mainland. An innovative and potentially life-saving hepatitis C screening program has launched at five London Drugs locations in the Lower Mainland. Patients can now undertake a simple finger prick test at the pharmacy to check if they have been exposed to hepatitis C virus (HCV) at some point in the past. Hundreds of pati...

Coffee, Pot Linked to Lower Mortality From Hepatitis C

Increased consumption of coffee and marijuana may sharply reduce the risk for early death from hepatitis C infection, researchers have found. The study of more than 1,200 patients with HCV and HIV found that those who drank the most coffee and used marijuana regularly or daily had more than a 60% lower risk for death from the infection over a five-year period. How cannabis in particular might reduce mortality is unclear, but the researchers, led by Mar

The Week in Review: February 16 – February 23, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018 News Recap: Way to Go, Ontario! Ontario removes fibrosis requirement for HCV treatment effective Feb 28th.  Action Hepatitis Canada has just shared some great news: Ontario has announced today that effective February 28, 2018, the fibrosis requirement for hepatitis C treatment will be removed! Finally, diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C and genotyping is all that will be required in Ontario to access treatment. This announcem...

Marijuana might save your liver, according to a new study

Weed has been shown to have various health benefits: pain management, quelling nausea, and, of course, the calming effects of relaxation. And now that legal weed for recreational use is becoming increasingly common (9 states and Washington, D.C., full list here), an increasing number of studies are being funded to better illustrate and understand marijuana’s effects on your health. The latest study? Smoking weed just might be incredibly beneficial for