Healthcare worker who put 8,000 patients at risk of hepatitis C is named as a surgeon who caught the virus during an operation and DIED from it in 2012

The mystery healthcare worker at the centre of a hepatitis C scandal was named today - as it emerged he caught it from a random needle stick injury while on duty. Consultant Robert Pickard is the medic mentioned in a letter sent to more than 8,000 patients treated as far back as 1982 urging them to have blood tests.Mr Pickard, who died from the disease aged 73 in 2012, is thought to have contracted the condition while carrying out a routine operation.He ha

Health-care workers at heightened risk of hepatitis C

(Reuters Health) – Health-care workers are at higher than average risk of infection with the hepatitis C virus, a research review suggests.Compared to the general population, health workers had 60 per cent greater odds of getting hepatitis C, and those who worked directly with blood had almost triple the risk, according to the analysis in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.Hepatitis C is usually spread when blood from an infected person enters the bod...