Patient Input Requested for Merck Interferon-Free Combo

HepCBC is seeking individual patient input for our submission to the federal government for an INTERFERON-FREE, ONE PILL/DAY drug combo, shown to be effective for genotypes 1, 3, 4, and 6, Merck Pharmaceutical's elbasvir + grazoprevir (± ribavirin). The treatment's success (96% - 100% SVR12) has been confirmed in trials including people considered 'hard to treat' including those who had failed previous treatment (including simeprevir, boceprevir, and telap

Patient Input Requested for AbbVie 2D-GT4 Combo

HepCBC is seeking individual patient input for our submission to the federal government for the first INTERFERON-FREE drug combo for GENOTYPE 4, AbbVie's "2D-GT4".ADD YOUR VOICE! We will be accepting input from anyone affected by hepatitis C (ALL GENOTYPES, not only Genotype 4) between Friday, Sept. 11 and midnight on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2015 through this confidential online form: PATIENT INPUT FORM for AbbVie 2D-GT4 Free WEBINAR about AbbVie 2D-GT4 availa

REQUEST: Patient input for BC Pharmacare RE: HOLKIRA PAK™

BC PharmaCare has issued a call for Patient Input into whether they should cover AbbVie's new hepatitis C treatment, HOLKIRA PAK™ (ombitasvir, paritaprevir, ritonavir, and dasabuvir [±ribavirin]).HepCBC is going to make a submission to BC PharmaCare, and URGENTLY requests input from those who have, or have ever had hepatitis C (and their caregivers). Our submission is only as good as the input we get from people like you!You would have to answer a few ques

Why CADTH needs Patient Group Input from HepCBC

Patient Groups such as HepCBC  provide patient input to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) and the Canadian Drug Review (CDR) which helps them determine whether they should approve drugs for use in Canada, and what restrictions and criteria should be applied to their use. Here are some new (SHORT but GREAT!) YouTube videos which show why this input is so critical, and how it is used to benefits patients such as US! CLICK HERE

URGENT REQUEST for patient input into INTERFERON-FREE HCV drug combo: sofosbuvir+ledipasvir

We've been asked by CADTH* to do a Patient Group Review of the new INTERFERON-FREE drug combo sofosbuvir and ledipasvir (also known as SOVALDI and GS-5885) for Chronic Hepatitis C, developed by Gilead Sciences. We urgently request input from individual HCV+ people (both those who have and have not tried this drug combination, any genotype). For background info see For the actual que

SOVALDI Webinar slides – Link to Dr Ramji July 3 presentation

Link to July 3, 2014 WEBINAR about Sovaldi by Dr. Alnoor Ramji, co-hosted by HepCBC and the Pacific Hepatitis C Network. You just need to type in your name, email, etc. - no PW required. This webinar will only be online through July 14, 2014. To submit your voice to the Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) heptitis C drug review, please go to this page: . Sovaldi is produced by Gilead Sciences.

CADTH simeprevir (GALEXOS) news!

The Canadian Drug Review's CDEC Board approved simeprevir (GALEXOS) on June 18th, 2014, and has sent HepCBC a thank you letter for its simeprevir submission. Simeprevir (GALEXOS) is a new hepatitis C drug for genotype 1 infection which, at this point at least, is to be used in a triple therapy along with interferon alpha and ribavirin. This drug, developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and marketed in the USA as OLYSIO, is also being recommended in the US and

SOVALDI: Request personal input into Patient Group Submission

Link to July 3, 2014 WEBINAR about Sovaldi by Dr. Alnoor Ramji, co-hosted by HepCBC and the Pacific Hepatitis C Network If you want BC PharmaCare to cover sofosbuvir (SOVALDI™) treatment (from Gilead Sciences), read carefully: HepCBC needs to send BC PharmaCare a really good patient group submission. We need your help before July 10th. This is incredibly important, and every voice we can include makes our submission better, plus the greater number of voice

CADTH Therapeutic Review Input NEWS!

CADTH's Therapeutic Review of Hepatitis C Genotype 1 has released all of the Patient Group Input it received, and a "Draft" Scientific Review which requests Stakeholder Input by June 17th. We urge readers to read these and make a submission to this Stakeholder Review if they can. Details... CADTH Scientific Report, DRAFT - request for Stakeholder Review by June 17th (See in particular: Discussion and Conclusions, pp 139-152):


Simeprevir (trade name GALEXOS™, produced by Janssen, Inc.) was recently approved for use in Canada to treat hepatitis C, but BC PharmaCare doesn't cover it yet. Like similar drugs telaprevir/INCIVEK™ and boceprevir/VICTRELIS™, simeprevir is generally given to genotype 1 patients for several weeks in combination with two other medications (hence the name, "Triple Therapy"). In Triple Therapy with simeprevir, the drug is taken once a day (one pill) along wi