Broader access to costly Hep C drugs may yield few benefits for Pa. Medicaid, study finds

A new study that projects what could happen if Pennsylvania covered the costly treatment of hepatitis C for everyone in Medicaid yields some surprises for policymakers nationwide: Few lives would be saved. Some patients might actually fare worse. The federal government would likely reap savings, at the expense of the states. The counter-intuitive findings from the University of Pittsburgh may become part of pitched debates in state capitols and the incomi

U.S.: Foundation calls PA’s treatment of hepatitis C troubling

A state advisory committee recently recommended that Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program pay to treat all patients suffering from hepatitis C — not just those who have advanced or life-threatening cases of the disease. In a 10-7 vote last month, Pennsylvania’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee decided to support a lift on restrictions that keep patients with less-severe cases of hepatitis C from receiving treatment, a constraint intended to reduce costs.