PHAC’s New STBBI “Action Framework”: A commentary

Some very important news for Canada: Public Health Canada has just released "Reducing the health impact of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in Canada by 2030: A pan-Canadian STBBI framework for action." Note the document linked to below was press-embargoed between initial release April 27, 2018 through June 29, 2018. Commentary: PHAC's newly-released STBBI "Action Framework" does NOT mention any age-related risks or advocate any age-based

We Have Not Abandoned the Principles or Communities We Serve, Neither Should PHAC

"We Have Not Abandoned the Principles or Communities We Serve, Neither Should PHAC" was a speech written and given at a World AIDS Day rally in Vancouver by Daryl Luster. Daryl is a hep C advocate who is PHCN’s president, a member of the Executive Steering Committee for Action Hepatitis Canada (AHC), a counselor for the Help-4-Hep helpline, and the administrator of multiple peer support groups. Daryl was cured of hep C in 2010 while participating in a clin...

Statement by the Honourable Jane Philpott on the HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund

Note: By continuing to define/include hepatitis C as a sexually transmitted disease limited to "vulnerable" populations, the federal government has essentially ignored the bulk of those in Canada with hepatitis C who are not part of this "minority" demographic. Shame! November 9, 2016 - Ottawa, ON - Public Health Agency of Canada Ottawa - The fight to eliminate HIV, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted or blood borne infections is a priority for

AHC Responds to the PHAC Communtiy Action FUND LOI Process

Good afternoon AHC members and supporters, As you know, AHC has been closely following the results of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funding application process, trying to better understand the damage done across our sector. Specifically we completed a member survey 2 weeks ago, and participated in the release of a press statement with CAAN and CAS last week, as well as another news article. Today the AHC sent a letter to Dr. Gregory T...

Shedding Light on a Dark Day

Recently HepCBC applied for two federal government grants from PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada), one for HepCBC alone (basically for doing what we do now, but better) and one for a point-of-care hep C testing pilot project with two other organizations – one in Quebec and another in Nova Scotia. We’ve never gotten government funding before, but somehow PHAC convinced a number of hepatitis C patient groups that this time would be different, that our HCV...

Speech to CATIE 2013 Focuses on Unmet Needs of HCV+ Population

An HCV+ member of HepCBC was asked to give a 10-minute speech at CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange) last week about what sort of policies HCV+ people hoped would come about in the next 5 years. Lots of illustrations/images. Here is the speech: VIDEO: PDF:

Looming Hepatitis C Crisis among Un-tested, Un-treated Baby Boomers – Dr. Morris Sherman warns PHAC

Looming hepatitis C crisis - Morris Sherman, MD, of Cdn Liver Foundation and other specialists warn PHAC in this Globe and Mail article.