The Week in Review: Dec 14 – Dec 21, 2018

Friday, Dec 21, 2018 News Recap: ***COMMUNITY DINNER January 10th at OUR PLACE in HONOUR of PHIL WILKIN*** Philip Wilkin, who passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 24th, 2018, was a man with the true spirit of giving. Phil sat on various committees designed to improve health and welfare of prisoners within the Canadian Prison System, and actively advocated for education, treatment and prevention. To help celebrate his achievements, HepCBC has set up a Go...

NZ: Pharmac to fund new Hep C treatment

Up to 50,000 people are expected to benefit from the funding of a new treatment for those with hepatitis C. That's the number of New Zealanders estimated to have the blood-borne disease that's transmitted mainly through intravenous needles or badly sterilised medical equipment. Hepatitis C targets the liver and can be fatal. Drug-buyer Pharmac today announced that from February it'll fund the drug Maviret for those with hepatitis C regardless of the ty

Kiwis chase overseas drugs to help battle Hepatitis C

50,000 people have Hep C in New Zealand, but a recent Pharmac announcement about funding for two new drug treatments will not help all of them, CATE BROUGHTON writes. Naomi Wickens lived with Hepatitis C (HVC) for 45 years, but was cured with a generic drug imported from India this year at a cost of $2500. Wickens, 67, is one among many Kiwis forced to use generic drugs sourced from overseas to treat their condition. "The ease with which I got acc...

NZ: Hepatitis C drug funding could happen from July

A Pharmac proposal to fund hepatitis C drugs has created a stir among sufferers, but not everyone will be covered, Hepatitis C Resource Centre Otago co-ordinator Allison Beck says. This week the drug-buying agency announced a proposal to fund Harvoni and Viekira Pak, which are highly effective at curing hepatitis C. If approved, they could be available in July. They would be reserved for hepatitis C patients with severe liver disease for all but one la