BC’s Nurse Practitioners Can Now Prescribe Treatment for Hepatitis C

PharmaCare now accepts Special Authority requests from NPs for HCV treatments! Best HCV treatment and elimination news we've heard in ages...this should help many more people get into BC's HCV treatment pipeline and make Elimination of Hepatitis C in BC by our goal of 2030 much more likely! As of October 30, 2019, Nurse Practitioners in BC have been permitted to fill out "Special Authority Requests for Hepatitis C treatment. These are the prescriptions ne

The Week in Review: Jan. 25, 2019 – Feb. 22, 2019

Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 News Recap: Time to Change Protocols for Post-SVR Monitoring for Liver Cancer? In Memoriam: Anita York (May 27, 1953 - Feb. 7, 2019) Funding via “Womens Wellness & Leadership Project” for women in BC living with HCV (&/or HIV) MAVIRET™ 8 week, pan-genotypic HCV treatment, good for CKD & cirrhosis, covered in Ontario No Time to Relax about Liver Cancer after HCV Treatment: Time to Change Monitoring

The Week in Review: Jan 4, 2019 – Jan 11, 2019

Friday, Jan 11, 2019 News Recap: Winners of HepCBC’s November and December, 2019 Colouring Book Contest Announced HepCBC has a monthly contest aimed at current and former prisoners, but others are welcome to join. The prize is $50 worth of art supplies. Dramatic Series, UNSPEAKABLE about Canada’s Tainted Blood Scandal January 9, 2019, Toronto. A new CBC TV historical drama series, Unspeakable, started today which follows the lives of a couple he...

B.C. removes prescription drug deductibles for low-income residents

VANCOUVER - Health Minister Adrian Dix says British Columbia has taken a “long overdue step forward” to help lower-income households handle the cost of prescription drugs. Dix says deductibles and other payments have been eliminated for 240,000 families, meaning they no longer have to choose between paying for their medical needs or affording basics, such as food or shelter. The Health Ministry says a three-year, $105-million program that took effect J

U.S.: Treating Medicaid Patients With Hepatitis C: Clinical and Economic Impact

Hepatitis C virus treatment is often restricted in Medicaid [in Canada this would be PharmaCare] patients. This analysis evaluates the clinical and cost impacts of treating all Medicaid patients versus the current status quo. The objectives of this study were to estimate change in chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) disease and the economic burden associated with comprehensive treatment of the chronic HCV–infected Medicaid population. As has long been pred

Pan-Genotypic Hep C Drug Epclusa™ Recommended for PharmaCare Coverage by CADTH

Epclusa™, a Direct-Acting-Antiviral combo for ALL GENOTYPES of Chronic Hepatitis C, received approval from CADTH on October 28, 2016. This combo of (generics) sofosbuvir and velpatasvir, from Gilead Sciences, was recommended by CADTH's Canadian Drug Expert Committtee (CDEC) for reimbursement by provincial and territorial PharmaCares... "if the following CRITERION and CONDITION are met: (1) CONDITION: "Reduce the price." CDEC noted that the cost of t

‘Miracle’ hepatitis C drug remains largely inaccessible: Elevate NWO

Though Health Canada has now approved what is considered a miracle drug for hepatitis C treatment, there remain significant barriers to receiving timely treatment. The drug, Epclusa, was approved earlier this week by the federal health agency to much fanfare from doctors across the country. The drug, which has shown to eliminate all strains of hepatitis C from the body, is to be taken once daily for 12 weeks, which according to The Canadian Press comes at

REQUEST personal input for Patient Group Submission: HOLKIRA PAK

Do you want new hepatitis C treatment, HOLKIRA PAK™ to be covered by BC PharmaCare? BC PharmaCare has issued a call for Patient Input into whether they should cover AbbVie’s new hepatitis C treatment, HOLKIRA PAK™ (ombitasvir, paritaprevir, ritonavir, and dasabuvir [±ribavirin]). HepCBC is going to make a submission to BC PharmaCare, and URGENTLY requests input from those who have, or have ever had hepatitis C (and their caregivers). Our submission is only

Simeprevir: two nods from Sask. & Health Canada

Simeprevir received two boosts on Nov. 12th: it is now listed on the Sasketchewan formulary (will be reimbursed by their public health insurance Pharmacare) and was also recommended highly by a Canadian Drug Review (CDR, CADTH, Health Canada) "Therapeutic Review" of hepatitis C DAA's (new Direct Acting Antiviral therapies) for HCV genotype 1. Details below: SASKATCHEWAN FORMULARY DETAILS: simeprevir, capsule, 150mg (Galexos-JAN) For the treatment of chroni