The Week in Review: July 7 – July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017 News Recap Local New measures boost addiction treatment access in Victoria New efforts to expand treatment for opioid users in Victoria are putting addiction specialists in hospital emergency departments and supporting family doctors who provide opioid substitution therapy for patients. The initiatives by Island Health and the Victoria Divisions of Family Practice are intended to dovetail with the work of the South Island Ra...

Norwegian hepatitis C patients wait for treatment due to medicine monopoly: report

Norwegian hepatitis C patients are waiting longer than they should for medical treatment due in part to a monopoly on its supply, according to a report. Between 15,000 and 20,000 Norwegians live with the chronic condition, which is treated with a 12-week course of medicine. The cost of a 12-week course of the Epclusa medicine in Norway is 540,000 kroner (57,000 euros), according to the Klassekampen newspaper. American pharmaceutical company Gilead S

Hep C and the false economy of the health care system: Fiorito

There is a remarkable drug which treats Hepatitis C. It’s expensive, and it works, but you can’t get it until you get really sick. By Joe Fiorito Columnist People get sick. We have health care. Those in need get treatment. What’s the problem? Money, faulty accounting and, in some cases, morality. I know two women, Sheryl and Celeste. They both have Hep C, a progressive disease of the liver. The manner in which they got it doesn’t matter, although it

Decisive Action Needed to Increase Patient Access to Hepatitis C Treatment

"Pharmaceutical pricing for HCV is unconscionable," Dr. Edlin said. "They are extortionist prices because the choice is really your money or your life. And the restrictions payers have imposed defy medical guidelines, lack scientific justification, and undermine public health efforts to stem transmission and end the epidemic." Despite the approval of effective hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment regimens, the exceedingly high cost of the medication prevents...

Taxpayers Funded A Lifesaving Drug And Guess What Happened Next

Sen. Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator from Vermont The pharmaceutical industry has become a major health hazard to the American people. Our nation pays - by far - the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. As a result of these outrageous prices, nearly one in five Americans cannot afford to fill their prescriptions. Meanwhile, the five largest prescription drug companies made a combined $50 billion in profits last year. That is un

Hepatitis C patient: ‘…Price gouging was a crime, or isn’t it?’

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- Drugs that are almost 100 percent effective in curing Hepatitis C are so expensive, many patients are unable to get them. Some private health insurance companies refuse to cover the drugs, and Medicaid has resisted paying for them. Officials contend that to provide the drugs to all patients that need them could bankrupt the health care system.The cost for treatments begin at just under $100,000, but they can go as high as twice

Pricey hepatitis C drugs threaten health care system

When does Big Pharma profiting become profiteering? This issue was the subject last month of a Senate Finance Committee investigation of pricing practices of Gilead Sciences Inc., a leading provider of hepatitis C medications. After examining 20,000 pages of internal company documents, looking at Medicaid data and interviewing health care experts, the authors concluded that the Foster City drugmaker “pursued a calculated scheme for pricing and marketing it