Burnaby woman’s hepatitis C is gone, but better health remains elusive

Pat Gelineau’s life story is playing out with more than one unpredictable comeback. While serving prison time for robbery, she took up flower arranging and found paid work at it. Then she kicked a heroin habit that pushed her to crime in the first place. Now the 58-year-old no longer carries the hepatitis C virus she picked up during her years as an addict, but her biggest comeback is still ahead: healing her severely damaged liver and returning to heal


What treatment is available now for hepatitis C? It depends on where you live and your genotype (variety of hepatitis C virus you have) Note: As of March 2018, citizens and permanent residents of BC, Ontario and Quebec have unrestricted access to treatment for all genotypes, and the drugs are provided under the respective provincial PharmaCare plans which makes the drugs affordable on a sliding scale. *** Standard of Care (Description of the most common

Hep C Treatments Can Cause Adverse Effects in Older Patients

SAN FRANCISCO — Direct-acting antiviral medications can be effective in older patients with hepatitis C, but adverse reactions are common and the adjustment of other medications is often required, new research suggests."We need more data about these new treatments in the elderly," said Berta Pernas, from Corunna University Hospital in Spain."I think we can treat these patients, but caution for interactions and adverse events is required," she said here at