The Week in Review: Dec 7 – Dec 14, 2018

Friday, Dec 14, 2018 News Recap: COMMUNITY DINNER January 10th at OUR PLACE in HONOUR of PHIL WILKIN Philip Wilkin, who passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 24th, 2018, was a man with the true spirit of giving. Phil sat on various committees designed to improve health and welfare of prisoners within the Canadian Prison System, and actively advocated for education, treatment and prevention. To help celebrate his achievements, HepCBC has set up a GoFundMe...

Links to the Presentations at the 7th Annual Liver Forum in Vancouver (October 19, 2018)

If you missed the 7th Annual Liver Forum in Vancouver (October 19, 2018),  here are links to the presentations. The organizer and Chairperson of the October 19, 2018 Liver Forum in Vancouver, Dr. Alnoor Ramji, in providing a link to allow us to access many of the forum’s presentations says that: “The liver community is still small and collegial, and the sharing of ideas and experiences is important to enable this field to progress.  The Liver Forum is