The Week in Review: October 27 – November 4, 2017

Friday, November 4, 2017 News Recap: Access to Treatment Hepatitis C could be eliminated in Canada, but drug prices, screening barriers stand in the way – Most of the 70 million patients infected with hepatitis C worldwide could be cured for $50 US each Many countries — including Canada — have committed to a global goal of eliminating hepatitis C by 2030. But new data released at the summit in Brazil shows that only nine countries are on track to me...

Vermont and North Carolina Remove Restrictions to Access to Treatment on Medicaid

This is very good news for people with hepatitis C who live in Vermont and North Carolina. Starting today November 1, 2017, the North Carolina Medicaid program will pay for medicines to treat hepatitis C for patients no matter how sick they are. In the past, the state wouldn’t pay for the expensive drugs unless the patient had stage two liver damage . As well, In a news release from the Office of the Health Care Advocate in Vermon

Vermont: Advisory board urges expanded access to hepatitis C drugs

This is in Vermont. What about BC? What about Canada?  When are we going to do the right thing – CD An advisory board says the state should make it easier for Vermont’s Medicaid patients to get access to expensive prescription drugs that treat hepatitis C. The Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board, an advisory panel, voted Dec. 6 to lift certain restrictions that make it harder or impossible for some Medicaid patients with the disease to get specialty

For Some Vermonters Suffering From Hepatitis C, Life-Saving Cure Is Out Of Reach

Denying patients access to something with such clear benefits is immoral, it's illegal, and it shouldn't be happening." — Julia Shaw, health care policy analyst in the Office of the Health Care Advocate. While this story is from Vermont in the USA the same holds true for Canada.  Canada's policy restricting access is immoral and illegal. Health advocates are challenging a Vermont Medicaid policy that has restricted curative treatment for hepatitis C only