Aust on target to eliminate hep C by 2026

More than 30,000 hepatitis C patients in Australia have been treated with revolutionary drugs since their listing on the PBS in March last year. Australia is on target to eliminate hepatitis C within 10 years due to the rapid uptake of a curative antiviral treatment program since its listing on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) a year ago. A Kirby Institute report released on Tuesday supports predictions made by doctors last year that the in

Australia: Murray Bridge trials hepatitis C treatment project

Murray Bridge could be the first city in the world to eliminate hepatitis C when it hosts a national pilot project this March. Hepatitis SA are bringing a new revolution of treatment for the chronic disease to town in the effort to stop the spread of viral hepatitis worldwide by 2030. Despite an unprecedented number of Australians being cured of the disease in the past year, treatment uptake has proven slower in rural and regional areas. Murray Brid

Hepatitis C “effectively eradicated” among Irish haemophilia patients

The Irish Haemophilia Society says the effective eradication of Hepatitis C among its members is a “huge milestone.” Between 1970 and 1991 a total of 240 patients were infected with Hepatitis C through the use of contaminated blood products for state blood transfusions. Around 123 of the surviving patients were offered treatment under the HSE's National Hepatitis C Treatment Programme this year. The Department of Health reports that the programm...

Our Call to Arms: HCV Kills More Than Any Other Infectious Disease

"We need a call to arms to take action now to eradicate HCV from the planet. We have the tools and we have the ability to do something. To not do this is a crime and tragic. I ask you, my colleagues, to wake up others, organize, and make the push — Now and with great urgency." We’ve known for a long time that hepatitis C virus infection is a major cause of death in the United States; in fact, we now have evidence from the CDC that, among infectious diseas...

Hep C ‘viral time bomb’ can be defused, says doctor who set up real-life Dallas Buyers Club operation

It is financially feasible to defuse the hepatitis C "viral time bomb" affecting 150 million people worldwide, an international conference will hear on Saturday. The disease is one of the five major causes of infectious illness deaths in the world, along with malaria, TB, HIV, and hepatitis B. It kills 500,000 people a year, the World Health Organisation estimates, and prevents millions more from leading productive lives. Yet, only one in 300 of thos...

Drug subsidies could eliminate Hepatitis C in Australia within a decade, experts say

There is a realistic chance Hepatitis C will be eliminated within a few years due to new public subsidies of powerful drugs, some of Australia's top health experts say.Strong new drugs have been publicly subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme since March 1, leading experts to think Hepatitis C could be wiped out within years.The direct-acting anti-viral drugs are more effective and have fewer side effects than previous treatments."We've got excel