The Week in Review: Sep 21 – Sep 28, 2018

Friday, Sep 28, 2018 News Recap: A Deadline and an Invitation: HepCBC Seeking Board Members, Members, and Volunteers before October 3rd, 2018 While we can always use your support and welcome new members and volunteers year-round, we are particularly hoping to hear from you on or before October 3rd this year! This is because November 3rd is our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and in order to vote, you must be an official Member a month in advance of t...

HepCBC Info Tables Pop Up in Variety of September Venues

This September saw HepCBC cooperating with many different groups in Victoria and Vancouver to inform people from diverse communities about hepatitis B and C. These included members of First Nations, Chinese, IVDU (both active and in recovery), and homeless (or housing-challenged) communities. Three of the events included partnership with Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC) who held popular HCV screening clinics on site. Two MLA’s visited us! (PS: