FibroScan Alternative to Biopsy



Echosens™ Machine

FIBROSCAN (also known as transient elastography, a technology developed by Echosens™ of Paris, France) poses the greatest competition to biopsy as it is non-invasive, less expensive, and (arguably) equally accurate in measuring degree of liver inflammation and fibrosis, particularly in the higher end of the Metavir scale (Stages 3 and 4).


Below you will find a Correlation Chart with Metavir Scale, sample Fibroscan charts, and list of Fibroscan services available in British Columbia.
Chart showing how Fibroscan’s Stiffness scores (in kPa) correlate with Biopsy’s Fibrosis Stage 0-4 scale, for several different kinds of liver disease – CLICK to ENLARGE.



Chart showing Sample Fibroscan result with kPa=3.9 (Fibrosis Stage 1) – CLICK to ENLARGE.



Chart showing Sample Fibroscan result with kPa=49.6 (Fibrosis Stage 4) – CLICK to ENLARGE.




  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • LAIR (Liver & Intestinal Research) Centre (Vancouver)
  • Pacific Gastro Services (Vancouver)
  • Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC) (Vancouver)
  • Percuro Clinic (Victoria)
  • Prince George hospital
  • Kootenay Lake Hospital (Nelson)
  • Kelowna General Hospital

If you hear of anywhere else, please let us know, thanks!