What treatment is available now for hepatitis C? It depends on where you live and your genotype (variety of hepatitis C virus you have)

Note: As of March 2018, citizens and permanent residents of BC, Ontario and Quebec have unrestricted access to treatment for all genotypes, and the drugs are provided under the respective provincial PharmaCare plans which makes the drugs affordable on a sliding scale.

*** Standard of Care (Description of the most common treatments now available)


In General:

Treatments may be approved in different places at different times as:

  • safe for humans
  • effective for hepatitis C
  • available in pharmacies
  • covered by various public or private insurance plans

The treatment available to you may depend on your GENOTYPE (which variety of hepatitis C you have).  For more information on genotypes, see the ‘Genotype,’ ‘Just Diagnosed‘ and ‘Tests and Results‘ sections. Many new and existing treatments are ‘genotype-specific’.

In this section you will find:

Standard of Care (Description of the most common treatments now available)

Common Side Effects of Treatment

Pre-Treatment Questions (including questions about financing care and Patient Access Programs / Pharmaceutical Company Assistance)

Clinical Trials (Options for getting free treatment with drugs still being tested)

Current List of Physician-Treaters in BC